Core Values Process

Meeting 1 (budget 90 minutes – two hours; 85 – 90% interactive):

  • Introduction to Values
    • what they are
    • why they matter
    • how to use them
    • disclaimers (e.g. they don’t necessarily make us better than others, but they hold great potential to enable our team to outperform others)
  • Process preview: remove the mystery; where are we going & how do we get there.
  • Brainstorm about qualities of the work environment that we hold dear to our heart
  • Collaboratively identify draft set of general categories which emerge and group proposed values accordingly
  • Wrap up

Offline Process: Dunham goes away and reorganizes the master brainstorm list into groups; presents interim results to values process sponsor.

Meeting Two (90 minutes to two hours)

  • Discuss and confirm the categories
  • The team apportions 25 votes among the values in accordance to the relative importance those proposed value topics hold for them in real time,
  • Collaboratively identify those categories and statements that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest

Offline Process: Dunham creates a draft set of values that attempts to capture the salient group sentiment. Presents draft to values process sponsor.

Meeting Three (60 – 90 minutes)

  • Review and provide feedback on draft values document vis-à-vis the raw input created by the group.
  • Ideally edit and conclude in real time, but if feedback is significant, option for dunham to take feedback offline, redraft and then circulate a follow up draft for approval.

These meetings can be held on three consecutive days or with up to a week between each. Much longer than that, and the process becomes stale. Organizations contemplating a values process such as this are recommended to establish the dates for all three meetings before initiating the process.

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