WordCamp 2006

August 8th, 2006

This past Saturday, I had the immense pleasure to attend WordCamp 2006 and to see wunderkind WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg in action. So did 2-300 others; Flickr alone has 480 pix posted as of this writing. Even ignoring that it was a somewhat hastily assembled inaugural event, one could not help but be impressed. The quality of the speakers, the quality of the attendees, must have humbled even the most been-there-done-that among us. Not sure which was more impressive: the intensity and purpose of the WordPress devotees or the poise, presence, humility and brightness of Matt M., but I’m sure there was a correlation between the two. An incredible sense of “my gosh how can we help make this even better” seemed to just hang in the air. Matt’s “State of the Word” discussion captivated one and all; uber geek and PR flack alike.